Friday, November 6, 2009

where am I going?

So I looked today and I have made about $3.o3 from this blog and have had about 1550 visits onto this page- which is ok- however I had about 1200 in the first month and a half- so I guess I have gotten deciedely less interesting in the last month and a half. It could have something to do with the fact that that is around the time that I started whining about my foot-- but I doubt it. I mean who doesn't like reading about mystery diseases?

That said- you all should keep clicking- as this is my main source of income at the moment. I know eventually I'll be able to pay for the cost of the trip from this blog. I mean that is the main reason why I am keeping it in the first place. And after finally seeing Julie & Julia on the plane- I know it can happen. haha. My friend Rachel is aspiring to the same height ( a famous blog, book and movie) by modeling her blog after Julie's- her blog being called "Rachel and Raquel". You should check it out ( You're welcome for the shout out Rachel- you can return the favor and we will both be famous).

I actually do enjoy seeing what is advertised on the side as I write. Like there were some ads in Hebrew recently and some in spanish when I was in in Granada and stuff like that. Those webcrawlers are good.

ANYWAYS. I am back in London .... who is surprised?

I had a great time in Israel, however I got pretty sick for the last few days- which sort of ruined my moment in Old Jaffa and Tel Aviv, and well as my perspective on the world for a few days. (Jaffa is both my heaven and hell. Everyday the whole town turns into this flea market with all sorts of new and old treasures-- enough to make any pack rat ( ie me) drool, however it was my hell because even I have to admit that if I stuff any more into my bag my shoulders will probably collapse into themselves- and I am getting pretty sick of paying a small fortune to send things home). However I had a fever of about 101 and all sorts of other problems which I wont go into and I started to worry that maybe it was true what all the worrywarts have been saying- and that my foot is making me tired and sick over and over again. Even though the foot looks way better- I have been pretty exhausted with my immune system on high- and we still don't really know what it is ( though they have now ruled out melanoma thank god- which they briefly entertained).

So I decided to just try to make it back to London to go see the doctor because I was leaving anyway. However, what I have learned is that when I am sick I am not only a) the bitch of the world, but b) emotionally fragile and finally c) sort of existentially embittered about the world (a hard task for a privileged world traveler, but I managed).

So yeah- my meltdown sort of started on the plane (crying to myself over my microwaved meal over this and that, or my father, or pretty much anything I could feel sad about- and yes I was being a baby, but keep in mind that I felt like crap :) ) I finally make it back to London- and too lazy and bitchy to make it into the city, so I pay for an incredibly overpriced airport hotel, and start looking up flights home. I was so close to booking it- and coming home for a bit, then meeting up with my trip in South America -which is only about 3 weeks away anyways ( though now three countries are squeezed into that time). I just really am tired of getting sick and feeling a little permanently tired from this foot thing, and still not really knowing what it is- that going to India, China and Australia in three weeks- sounds overwhelming, especially since I have not slept in one bed more than five nights in a row since I left Africa.

Anyways- so I am literally at the airport again about to do it and having a pretty public meltdown with my Mother on the phone.. who spoke some words of wisdom and told me to see the doctor here and think about it for a day or two. And maybe just choose one country to go to for the next three weeks, rather than go to all three- which I thought was a pretty good idea.

So I think that is what I am going to do. Call it stubbornness, call it follow-through, or call it stupidity, but I am still going to try to salvage the original plan to some extent. I am going to try to go to the doctor today, and maybe go to Australia for three weeks and really see it- and hopefully go to India and China someday when I have regrown my foot.

And now I am feeling better and I am actually feeling really really positive. I watched BBC's show about animals and nature last night- and I am reinspired to go do some forest and barrier reef work in Australia (sort of a repeat experience to my teary experience watching March of the Penguins-- so amazing.... [ and by the way I was recently told by a woman who was writing a travel book from her cat's perspective that I was weird for crying over nature shows--- which made me feel..... exceptionally weird]).

Anways... and now for the reward at the end of the blog for actually making it through all my ramblings----some pictures! and me shutting up ;)

So Long!

The wall in the rain

East Jerusalem out towards the Dead Sea
Mt Olive Cemetary
Jerusalem Sunset


Tel Aviv post rain from Jaffa

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