Sunday, June 21, 2009

So apparently when I set up my blog so that certain people would automatically get an email every time I posted, people WERE emailed, but the website address was not included in the email, which is dumb. Anyways- for future reference, the address is: Http:// This way you can see the acual blog, not just the text! Cool Xoxox ( see below: me confused by modern technology)

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The first of many....

 Hi Everyone!

So I decieded to create a blog for this upcoming semester - so that I can better keep in touch when I travel.  Hopefully it will be easy to load pics and tell stories on here, which will be a good way for me to journal as well as for you to rest assured that I am still kicking. 

Anyways, for my first post I think that I will post my probable itinerary so you can see where I am going.  if anyone wants to meet up with me at any point in time, just let me know- I  would love it!


August 6th: Leave NYC- layover in London

August 7th- Sept. 4th: Kopeyia, Ghana

       Drum and Dance program :)

Sept 4th-Sept 28: "Europe" (fly to london base)

     9/4-9/9 London

 9/9-9/14 scotland/glascow

9/14-9/18 Florence

9/18-9/21 Barcelona

9/22-9/27 octoberfest! Munich!

Sept 28- Oct. 6th: Israel 

free as a bird

October 6th- October 26: India

 6th-19th Ashram outside Chennai

 19th-27th  Varanasi?

October 26- Nov 5: Hong Kong to see Mo!

Nov. 5 - Dec 3th: Australia

 Nov 5-11 Melbourne 

Nov 11 Sydney, then on to the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland to volunteer

Dec.  3-6 -  Fly to Santiago, Chile

free as a bird

 Dec. 6th- dec 11th- !!EasterIsland!!

see some cool sculptures

Dec 12th- Santiago, Chile

layover :(

Dec. 12th-26th: Sucre, Bolivia

Don Quixote Spanish Immersion

Dec. 26- Jan 9th: Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica

Don Quixote Spanish Immersion

Jan 9th: fly back to NYC, then probably to Boston

Jan 12th-ish back to NYC

Jan 18th NYU begins again.....

 All is subject to change, as nothing is finalized- but hopefully this mostly resembles what I am up to!