Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Trip begins tomorrow

My trip begins tomorrow.
Sort of.

Obviously I have had an amazing time so far, but tomorrow- I FINALLY leave London- and I cannot come back on my round the world ticket--and for all intents and purposes, after tomorrow I must complete the circle I have started around the world before I can come home again. Unless something else goes drastically wrong.

But it won't.

Will it?

I am actually a little nervous for some reason. I guess the safety net of London and my people here has become pretty comfortable. Also, I know that once I leave here, the rest of the trip is going to be so jam packed that it will just fly by. As of yesterday, I will be home in 2 months, and I have been away for just over three. 60% done- and only 14 flights to go ( plus one or two off the ticket-- yikeso!)

I leave tomorrow at 11:30 am - will travel for 11:30 hours in the plane- and will arrive in Hong Kong at 7:30 in the morning. So I am expecting some pretty great jet lag. But- visiting Mo is going to be wonderful and I am sure that will more than keep me energized. Mo is picking me up at the airport thank goodness- which means that I do not have to get lost in Hong Kong first thing when I arrive, which is great.

I finally gave up--- my beautiful new camera that broke in Ghana still was not fixed as of today, and I decided to just buy another, and pay the hundred or so dollars difference between getting it fixed and buying a new one. So I can finally take photos again that are not crap.

Took my iphone ( which also broke-- of course) to the store today. They would have given me a new phone, except they only had British phones- so I have to get a replacement in Australia.

And I went back to the clinic for tropical disease today- my favorite place in London- and they took a few tests to make sure my bout of sickness in Israel was not parasite related- and I will get those results in a few days.

Pretty fun day all around.

I am sure that I will have more to say when I reach Hong Kong! I will have a guide there ( Mo!)- but I am open to sightseeing suggestions, as I have not had a real chance to do my fair share of research on Hong Kong.

And lastly... a picture of myself to serve my vanity. I felt it incapsulated my very last few days here in london... sort of haphazard in my impulse bought glittery tights and hiking shoes-- on a late night run for some food because kyle and I got to the supermarket to late to make our own food ( supermarkets in London close at like 6:00 on Sunday--- what is WITH that?)

Anyways.... so long!


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