Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Few From Australia

Hey I am having trouble loading the rest on to here right now for some reason.
I can try again tomorrow. Here are a few from the Melbourne Area. There are more on the facebook link but I want to put them on here too so I can write blurbs with them!

I have arrived in Cairns- beautiful and hot! Went for my first swim since Africa-- which means- the foot is finally healed enough that that is not a stupid idea! Yay!

Sort of lally gagged around here doing pretty much what you are supposed to in a beachtown.

Heading up to Cape Tribulation tomorrow to the research center- where there is apparently no phone service and limited computer access- so the writings might be sparse for the next 10 days or so- and certainly the photos. I'll try to load on the rest tomorrow to the blog though before I ma picked up!

Still having a great time. I am amazed at how much I still enjoy being alone- and still feel the need to get away from people sometimes even though I can sometimes go a whole day on this trip speaking less than five sentences aloud if I want to. I do miss you all- but I am also content at the moment to just be.
Sad thing is though, that I have started to think in "blog" and I rehearse passages that I am going to write in my head during the day sometimes, or I take pictures for the sake of the blog. Sort of weird. But I guess I'll be glad that I have documented as much as I have when I am 95 and looking back . haha

ok thats all for now!

At the botanical gardens in Melbourne

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