Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cape Tribulation-posted a day later than I wrote it because our power died!

Quick entry- limiting myself to three minutes!

Things are great. Rained a lot today though- of course, I make it to paradise and it rains. My assignment for the morning was to walk around ( in the rain) to the beach and stuff and see the area and some of the rainforest- which was pretty amazing still.

Someone brought in another hurt baby bat, so I walked around with it clipped into a towel to my shirt- to sort of act as "mommy" for part of the day. Pretty cool.

To tell you the truth though- I am a little out of my element. I can deal with a lot.. but outhouses do sort of push my buttons- and there was a spider in my room last night bigger than my hand- and beatles everywhere the size of my thumb. I removed the spider all on my own though- even though I have to admit I was sort of scared to death. I am not in Kansas anymore.

Anyways- three minutes goes fast- so I am going to head back to my cabin- and dream of animals creeping into my room haha ( just watched "grissly man"- too, so that will aid my imagination- except i'll have to replace grisslies with killer kangaroos or something).

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