Saturday, August 14, 2010

On a very different note---

my new website launch!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

New York Supper Club

More pics still to come...

but, here is news of a joint blog I just started tonight now that I am back in the city.

The theme is pretty different, but equally impassioned.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

So- I said I would have one last adventure, and I did. Got off my flight in Miami- everything is a mess- as it usually seems to be there, and after waiti le) that my flight to NYC was canceled. Not only this- but I had a train to Boston booked at 3:00 am- which was clear that I was going to miss (why didn't I just fly to boston you might ask? Well that's a whole other story to do with my round the world ticket and the fact that Logan closes at night). Sureenough- I could not get a flight out until 8:00 am this morning, and I checked into the airport hotel they provided for the night. Thanks to my forcefulness this morning, I got to the airport early this morning and was able to board on standby an earlier flight to laguardia at 6:30 am. However here I arr
ive at laguardia , and I have no way booked of grttig to Boston. That was fun too- between my credit card being declined a few times, and then a wild goong and waiting for my luggage and stressing about missing my next flight, I see a very official looking announcement ( a hand scrawled note taped to a pose chase around laguardia which included three terminal bus rides----but!!!! Finally I am checked in to a flight to boston, and waiting to board, 200 dollars plus an unexpected 35 dolllar checked bag fee later. Fun.
The whole thing was pretty stressful, however I think that I was most stressed on my first flight, since I have wanted to go home so badly all week, and I felt like I was just waiting for some disaster to hit. However, once it did, I was sort of better able to accept it and I was much less stressed about the whole thing.
Anyways. I was floored how cold Miami was.

----cut off---

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Flight delayed by an hour.

The fun begins. Haha

However, atleast I got my tickets printed successfully- I was worried for a minute I might not get on my flight, since this time was no different from any other recent airport check in, meaning that it took about 45 minutes to sort out the mess of my round the world ticket. That was the last check in though!! Yikes!
Let's hope my flight isn't delayed any further and I can still make the connection from Miami

Hast luego!

Sitting by the pool at the hotel that I stayed my last night in in San Jose. Splurged a bit on a nicer place for my last night. I leave for the airport in about an hour and a half , and start the last leg of my journey home! I can't believe it. You know I have sort of been waiting to go home this week, but now that it is so close it feels a little weird- and I am a little nervous! Not sure for what exactly.
Sort of been thinking over my trip this morning- which has also been weird.
A few people have asked me this week how I have changed since I started- and it's a hard question to completly answer before I get home- maybe that is what makes me nervous.
Anyways, I'm sure ill blog later today, since I tend to do that while on layovers- so count on there being one or two last adventures to read up on.

Gotta go pack up!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I have been beached....

Hi All!
Still in Puerto Viejo. Still sleeping on the hammock-- tonight will be night number three-- so I guess it can't be so bad. claro. It actually has been a way more comfortable way of sleeping than I ever anticipated. Maybe I should buy one for home. hah.
Sort of just been taking it easy because I am a little bit lazy. Yesterday I rented one of the crap bikes at the hostel and I biked my butt down the 5 mile or so road to another beautiful beach, and then laid there for a few hours. Then I biked my butt back. A good way to whittle a day away. Had a good chat last night with a couple from London, and then proceeded to bed because I had to catch a 7:30 am bus back to Cahuita for a snorkeling trip that I booked. The tour was good--- I am glad I did it, but visibility was pretty poor today for whatever reason, and we didn't really get a good look at anything much at all. It was worth the money though if only to make me appreciate the Great Barrier reef all over again-- it was smiply nothing like that crystal clear water. The tour guide pointed out an octopus and we all circled and admired it, and then he proceeded to get a stick, capture it, and kill it for his dinner later. Needless to say I was a little bit disillusioned. I guess it is legal to fish on the reef though here, for whatever it is worth. The whole thing was sort of sad though, especially when it squirted black ink all over the place in a last ditch attempt to save itself.

Anyways, he dropped us off on a beach at the far end of the nature reserve here, and we had the option of walking back, which I took. I was glad I did, because I saw a perezoso for the first time ( which means sloth-- and also "lazy" in spanish appropriately. True to it's name - it pretty much didn't move while I watched it, but I was happy to see it. Also a monkey came down from a tree and we saw it about 5 feet away from us here. Pretty cool.

There are tons of americans here, which is new because I haven't meet that many most places on my trip. Mostly this is annoying- because americans on vacation generally ARE annoying, however I felt a little defensive of america today when I overheard this swedish guy going on and on about how stupid americans were and how none of them know any spanish. So, I've guess I still hung onto some american pride, because he really pissed me off with his generalizations. I should have told him I knew how to say "sloth" in spanish. I am sure he would have been very impressed.

Anyways, I am not sure what I am going to do tomorrow, and if I am going to laze around for another day, or try to see one more sight.

I'll let you know. It would be a shame to say goodbye to that hammock.

Miss you all!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Puerto Viejo

So, after my monkey extravaganza, I arrived here at Puerto Viejo.
It is more touristy than my last stop, which was still sort of touristy in a sort of ecotourism way. In Cahuita I pretty much just bummed around on the beach , both black and white sand beaches, and sampled the local flavors.
Here, I took the public bus, which was of course overbooked and I had to stand for the half hour ride in the aisle. Then I heaved my mochila onto my back and headed towards the hostel I had picked from the lonely planet guide- the road was too rocky to use my handy backpack wheels which I usually do.
I checked into 'Rockin' J's' which sort of offers every sort of accomodation, from hammock, to tent, to 'pimp room'. I decieded to let the adventure continue and .... I booked a hammock. Well.... also, they had no room in the dorms left.... but I could have gone elsewhere but I decided that since I had made it through my whole trip thus far without having rented a hammock for a night, it was about time to. So I will slap on some bug spray tonight and hope for the best. I'll let you know how it goes.
And, the hammock is only $5 dollars a night, so... how wrong can you go?? Great for me since I still have no ATM card and a limited amount of cash.

Anyways I am going to go hunt for some dinner since I went sin lunch today and I am starving now. Not literally hunt... just to clarify. My trip has been, and likely will not ever get to that point of rustic-ness.

all the best
think of me rockin in my hammock!


Just saw 2 monkeys up close. We had seen some ( mom, Paula and I) on the road, whIch was also pretty cool, but I just saw two on some low branches. The one that was (clearly) male was roaring away- maybe he was mating or something. They are pretty cool animals- and I don't think that I really believed that they were just hanging out until I actually saw them. So- feeling pretty good about my observation- so I thought I would share instantaneously from my phone. About to take off from cahuita and head about a half hour south to puerto viajo de talamanca. More later, xoxo

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hi all!

Happy New Year!

Costa Rica has been great so far. I met Mom and Paula here last week (exactly now actutally), and as soon as they picked me up from the airport in our rental car we headed off on the 4 hour , but beautiful, drive to our resort-- because it was sort of on the other side of the country.

Costa Rica surprised me because somehow I had sort of grouped it in with the carribean in my head, ie. very touristy, very developed, and lots and lots of resorts. This is true in a lot of ways, however as soon as you leave the resorty areas and gdrive accross the country, you do see that as lot of it is still pretty undeveloped and looks similar to bolivia even-- -the housing is generally by our standards more or less a shack, you see the occaisional dead horse lying around on the road, you know stuff like that.

It was fun to see everything through the eyes of Mom and Paula, because frankly I have gotten to the point where I barely even notice the dead horse lying on the side of the road. But everything was fresh again seeing it with Mom and Paula, and the lanbdscape was really stunning on our drive.

When we got in we saw a rodeo going on in one of the towns, that looked pretty awesome. Also, they have horses who sort of do this little dance here and flip out their hooves---- I have to look this up to explain it better because right now it sounds like something out of alison wonderland, Im aware. But we saw that and that was pretty cool as well.

We spent a few days at the touristy, but key Tamarindo, went beach hopping, and volcanicmud and thermal spa-ing--- which was super fun, though we ended up with bug bites all over us from the outdoor spa--- which was not so fun, and then we ended up at Flamingo Beach Resort-- -the resort that I had met the daughter of the family who owns it in Australia-- rememeber? Nina. Nina was there too, and though we didn{t get to see much of each other, it was great to see her again and wild to be at her resort.

The resort was great and so relaxing, and I spent a fair amount of time near to the pool bar---- like literally you could swim over to it in the pool, and then sit in the water and be served. I thought that was pretty cool. And we celecrated Mom{s birthday, as well as new years, in style.

Anyways, Mom and Paula left yesterday, so now I have this weird last week left of my trip. I actually tried to get on a flight home yesterday, or move up my flight--- not because Costa Rica isnt amazing, but because it seems like it could have sort of been a natural end to my trip to see mom and Paula here, and I am starting to stress about things I want to get done before school starts. And I was feeling a little sick again.

But alas, all the flights are OVERBOOKED this week, so I am here, and I plan on having one last awesome week before I go. I spent the night in San Jose last night, and I am headed to the Carribean side of the country now ( the other end from the resort).

Should be great!

Miss you all and will see you very soon!!