Saturday, February 8, 2014

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

On a very different note---

my new website launch!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

New York Supper Club

More pics still to come...

but, here is news of a joint blog I just started tonight now that I am back in the city.

The theme is pretty different, but equally impassioned.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

So- I said I would have one last adventure, and I did. Got off my flight in Miami- everything is a mess- as it usually seems to be there, and after waiti le) that my flight to NYC was canceled. Not only this- but I had a train to Boston booked at 3:00 am- which was clear that I was going to miss (why didn't I just fly to boston you might ask? Well that's a whole other story to do with my round the world ticket and the fact that Logan closes at night). Sureenough- I could not get a flight out until 8:00 am this morning, and I checked into the airport hotel they provided for the night. Thanks to my forcefulness this morning, I got to the airport early this morning and was able to board on standby an earlier flight to laguardia at 6:30 am. However here I arr
ive at laguardia , and I have no way booked of grttig to Boston. That was fun too- between my credit card being declined a few times, and then a wild goong and waiting for my luggage and stressing about missing my next flight, I see a very official looking announcement ( a hand scrawled note taped to a pose chase around laguardia which included three terminal bus rides----but!!!! Finally I am checked in to a flight to boston, and waiting to board, 200 dollars plus an unexpected 35 dolllar checked bag fee later. Fun.
The whole thing was pretty stressful, however I think that I was most stressed on my first flight, since I have wanted to go home so badly all week, and I felt like I was just waiting for some disaster to hit. However, once it did, I was sort of better able to accept it and I was much less stressed about the whole thing.
Anyways. I was floored how cold Miami was.

----cut off---

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Flight delayed by an hour.

The fun begins. Haha

However, atleast I got my tickets printed successfully- I was worried for a minute I might not get on my flight, since this time was no different from any other recent airport check in, meaning that it took about 45 minutes to sort out the mess of my round the world ticket. That was the last check in though!! Yikes!
Let's hope my flight isn't delayed any further and I can still make the connection from Miami

Hast luego!

Sitting by the pool at the hotel that I stayed my last night in in San Jose. Splurged a bit on a nicer place for my last night. I leave for the airport in about an hour and a half , and start the last leg of my journey home! I can't believe it. You know I have sort of been waiting to go home this week, but now that it is so close it feels a little weird- and I am a little nervous! Not sure for what exactly.
Sort of been thinking over my trip this morning- which has also been weird.
A few people have asked me this week how I have changed since I started- and it's a hard question to completly answer before I get home- maybe that is what makes me nervous.
Anyways, I'm sure ill blog later today, since I tend to do that while on layovers- so count on there being one or two last adventures to read up on.

Gotta go pack up!