Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Troubled Ear

So yes--
My body is really good with humid climates I have found- and I now realize that I have an ear infection-- one quick doctors visit and 160 Australian dollars later. It was probably prompted by my little scuba dive adventure- but never fear - I have more antibiotics and I should be good to go in a few days. I even shoudl still be able to go on the little dive that is scheduled on my next adventure- a liveaboard overnight reef/ snorkel trip from Cairns tomorrow.

I am now in Port Douglas and it is pretty nice, and very upscale and touristy- so rather expensive. I actually was social las night and went out for drinks with a few people who I met in my hostel room- and a few people they had met on the tour they went on earlier that day. It was fun despite the incredibly poor vocalist we were forced to listen to at the bar- however I left early because my ear was throbbing. Whether it was my infection or the vocalist, I'll never know :)

Anyways- just finished off some paperwork crap with my travel insurance, which is why I popped into the internet cafe- however, I am about to go out and try to enjoy the sun without contracting skin cancer rather than write more for now :)

Talk to you all soon!


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