Sunday, November 8, 2009

More Photos

Hey all,

So.. kyle came back last night, and I moved right back in. :)
We decided to save some money and stay in for some food, but go out for a drink- on the search for a good dirty martini- which I have just not been able to find anywhere- most people here don't even know what that means. So sad. Sure enough we found a place online called "Dirty Martini"- and put on our best and went out. We were so inspired by our one (expensive) martini each, and the loud music- that we decided to make a night of it and go out dancing. We ended up going to a salsa club with a live band and a dj later- and we danced the night away. So much fun- and exactly what I needed. Neither of us can salsa- but we decided that my somewhat hispanic roots gave us carte blanche to do anything we wanted on the dance floor.

Today I am splurging and taking Kyle and I to high afternoon tea, which is something I love love love to do in general, and would love to do again in the ultimate tea city (well I guess the ultimate western tea city).

Otherwise, I have a few more pictures that I uploaded from my phone:

from the roof of my hostel in Jerusalem:

The Flying Jew! - some guy trying to hop over the river of rain water flowing through the city
Ancient cemetary in Tzfat

Me waiting in the rain for the bus from Tzfat to Tel Aviv
One of the open flea market shops in Jaffa-- so cool!

A blurry picture of Kyle and I at the Salsa club last night

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