Saturday, November 7, 2009

other things.

I have not done much today or yesterday in London, though I am thinking of going to Kew Gardens to catch the end of some fall foliage and stuff. And Kyle is coming back from his extravaganza in Italy today so I will be able to bother him some more in a mere couple of hours.

Hostel last night was fine. Realized after I bought a small carton ( haha) of cheap wine that the hostel had a bar in it- so you were not supposed to bring your own in- but I poured some in a mug and had it with the tortellini I made for dinner last night anyways. Very classy.

In process of re-arranging my tickets in a way that is both ecconomical and worth my time. Will keep you updated.

Thought I would write a bit about Israel airport security in the meantime to sort of add some detail to the last entry of my sick journey back to home base.

For some reason I don't remember this about last time- maybe it was because I was on birthright- but Israel airport security is really really intense.

I did not get the memo that you are supposed to get there three hours ahead in Israel instead of two- and apparently the 2 1/2 hours I got there ahead did not cut it.

I waited in line forever, until they realized what flight I was on and "rushed" me ahead. After examining ym passport, they asked me repeatedly why I had visited the primarily Muslim country of Morrocco- and then proceeded to lead me over to another station where they dumped out my entire purse, and opened up all of my bags and un packed most of them, as well as scanned my phone. They also took me into another room and had me go through a separate human scanner thing. The whole thing was pretty intense, especially when you feel like you are going to fall over from fever and fatigue. Good thing they were not on swine flu watch as well. because they probably would have detained me thinking that I had it.

In places like Morrocco and Libya they do take your temperature often- sometimes with a little laser gun thing that they shoot at your forehead, or with like an x-ray heat machine. I would have been screwed.

Anyways-- that is my story for now- for lack of nothing else to update you on. :)

More to come!


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