Friday, November 20, 2009

A computer shines it light into the Rainforest

Hello again, 
 So it seems that there is a computer for me to use here- however the internet service is somewhat tempermental- and energy is better saved than used here- so entries will have to be quick, but hopefully more frequent than I thought. 

 I am here- though we had an adventure getting here.  I was picked up by Hugh- the man who sort of runs this joint, and one other volunteer Sarah who leaves tomorrow, and Nina- and intern here from the states/ costa rica.  ( This is the place I am staying by the way if you are interested ) They pick me up and stuff  all my crap into the back, and we are off to my first nature adventure here in Queensland ( to help nurse some baby bats at another wildlife center)-- or so we thought.

A few hills later our car , which we had turned off in traffic refuses to start- and eventually we realize that there is smoke coming out from under the hood, and eventually determine that some sort of hose has ruptured in the engine causing the radiator to overheat ( I don't know cars sorry!)-- so long story short- we spent pretty much the rest of the day being towed, waiting, andwaiting some more-- and never made it to go see the baby bats. 

During this process however-- a major coincident occured. Nina and I stared talking about Costa Rica, since I am headed there, and I told her I was meeting Mom at a resort there over New Years. 
"Which one?" she asks  "Oh no some are bad"
"Flamingo Beach Resort"  I said hopefully.
" No way--- my family OWNS that resort--- and I'll be there over New Years"

 Ummmm.... crazy. So that is pretty cool and we were pretty excited. I'm sure there will be more news to come on that front. 

 Anyways, Hugh eventually fixed the car, and we went back to the research center, without going to see the baby bats.  

 However, sure enough, when we had arrived here, we found that someone had dropped off a baby bat today to be nursed back to health and released into the wild at THIS center. So our dreams were fufilled and it is actually sitting next to me in the lab right now.  Just me and the bat.  In a lab.  In a rainforest

Yeah- things are pretty cool here- but also pretty creepy crawly- I have had more than a few things crawl onto my head already- good thing I have already experienced africa! Although- to be honest- this place is alive with nature in a way that where I  was staying in Ghana just doesn't compare.  And there are outhouses here.  My favorite. 

 No but it is all good.  And I am excited for tomorrow, though I have no idea what it has in store.  I tried to ask Hugh what was up- but he seemed to have no clue- so... I guess this is just one more lesson on going with the flow.  I am sure it will be great though. 

Anyways... soon we are going to celebrate/mourn Sarah(the other volunteer)'s departure at a local bar- so I will have to write more later!

 More to come!

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