Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Its hot

Hey Guys!

So the last two days I have just been working in the bat house here- and educating the p8ublic about fruitbats haha.

Here are a few things I know-

These fruit bats are called "Spectacle Flying Foxes" because they have rings around their eyes that look like spectacles

They eat fruit, but the babies only eat milk for the first two minths or so. When they do eat fruit they chew all the fruit up and suck the juice out of them, and then spit out all the fiber onto the ground. Or at you.. Just kidding.

The babies don't fly until around 2 months as well- and would spend most of those two months clinging to mom's back.

These bats are Mega bats, as opposed to microbats like we have at home. So first off they are bigger. They are thought to have evolved seperately from the micro bats, which I think is prety interesting. The mega and micro bats are therfore not closely related, and these fruitbats are most closely related to leemurs. The megabats do not use sonar- they actually have very well developed eyesight. And a well developed sense of smell.

Anyways I said all that info at least 100 times. haha

having a good time. it is hot. trying to sort out my future plans in south america as well.

And-- Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow to everyone! I might be going out to dinner- sort of a celebration?

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