Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another day on Cape Trib

Hey- found a place here that should have been able to post my photos, but sadly it is not seeming to work either!

I have pictures of bats and mangrove trees and stuff.

Didn't do that much today- helped work int he tourist/information center/ bathouse, and then went to go collect mangoes from the forest to feed the bats. Later, walked to the beach to help the french student here with her project on coconuts on the beach. She was opening up different species of coconuts. My job was to take pictures, and ofcourse to sample all the varieties haha. However, I wimped out a little part of the way through because there were green ants crawling all over my feet and I was wearing sandals ( and they sting)- so I let her finish off by herself.

Tomorrow I am going snorkeling on the reef, as it is our day off tomorrow.

pretty exctied!
more later!

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