Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hi guys!

Sending from my iPhone- so exciting. Still on his painfully long journey from bolivia and on layover in Miami. Miami airport is shaped like one big u and I was forced to walk the whole thing about three times because my round the world ticket does not like to make things easy for me, nor do partner airlines communicate with each other, despite my best attempts at proactiveness since I went to three seperate airline offices in la Paz trying to figure out why thing have been hard everytime I have recently checked in.

All well. Well despite my fears, I still had enough time to buy an English written book, and an iced coffee- though for some reason un benounced to me all the good coffee places were outside security. Still though. I got what I wanted out of my American layover.

It surprises me how bitchy everyone in this aiport is. Travellers, not workers. Like- aren't you going on vacation? About four women in front of me bitched about their coffee. Is this just the miami airport- or have I forgotten something about Americans ? Hopefully just Miami. And I guess the stress of family holidays.

Ok. Pretty soon I have to turn off the email on my phone for another two weeks. Boo. But will see mom and Paula in a few hours!

Miss you all!


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