Thursday, December 3, 2009

Here I am Santiago- Here I am

Getting to Santiago has been somewhat copmprable to a small kick in the ass.

So 4 flights later I have arrived in Santiago. The flights went reletively well- despite come confusion with my ticket in New Zealand, whcih stressed me out ( I had to re check in and stuff). However after at least 36 hours of transit, and only about 4 hours of restlessness at the airport hotel I was pretty tired and ready to get into Chile.
So I get there, and it turns out that though there is no need to a visa here, we do have to pay a ¨"reciprocity" fee here, as U.S. citizens I guess such the two countries are such reciprically generous friends to each other. This I had failed to plan on . A mere 131 usd. Ok. a deep sigh and a reach for the credit card made that turn out ok.

Then, exhausted, I go through customs, confident with ¨nothign to declare¨status.
But--- hold on. In attempt at saving money on a snack, about 4 years ago (it seems) at the airport hotel, I took one of their free apples at their desk. It was at the bottom of my purse.
Well Chile freaked out about my solo manzana and whisked my into the room talkign about fees and such- which I assumed I would be waived of, since clearly I had just made a little misatake, and am not trying to start an illegal fruit market in Chile by bringing one apple at a time into Chile. But, no. I got the minumum fine. A mere 250 USD was what I had to take out of the ATM (I was escorted there- sort of weepy and mostly dazed)-- one fantastic mistake.

Anyways, the heat of Chile mixed with it´s views of snowy mountain tops made me still glad to be here. This place is not really any hotter than australia, but people don´t really use AC in the same liberal way, ---- so..... it is HOT. I have quite a bit of calor.

ok I am going to go explore a little before it gets to be too dark for a solo woman who speaks toddler level spanish to be out on her own.

Hasta Luego!

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