Friday, December 25, 2009

1999 clicks and Merry Christmas

Hi all! Merry Chirstmas to all those who celebrate.

I am at 1999 clicks to my blog, and maybe it will be a holiday miracle if by the end of the day I reach 2000. It would just make me feel cool.

Christmas here is different because it is pretty warm, by east coast standards, thouh it is by no means tropical. Last night this irish hostel threw a big party in the hostel bar, and I tried to be social, but only lasted until about 11:30, and then went to bed. haha. Why did I book the party hostel again?

Today I was going to give myself a day off from cultural excursions, and watch television all day for the first time in a long while. However, ofcourse, the one time that I want to watch television is the one day that for some reason the television has been moved from the television room with no explanation. Merry Christmas. So now, I have little idea what I am going to do today because most everything is closed in La Paz, obviously. Ofcourse the bar is open all day... which may or may not sound fun.. and I signed up for the chirstmas dinner here, which should be a feast for the 20 dollars that they charge for it--- a small fortune in South America.

Yesterday I also took a little tour to some ruins near La Paz called Tiwankanu, whcih were cool and dated back pre inca times. I , again, was most into the part of the tour, where they couldn´t explain the use or the method of maing certain stones, and introduced alien theories.

I can´t believe that I move on tomorrow and I am going to Costa Rica- and meeting Mom and Paula. Weird. Also weird that I have to fly through Miami, so i will briefly touch down again upon american soil for the first time since August. Mostly this is exciting because I will be able to use my iphone free of charge for a few minutes. haha.

I hope you all are having a nice Christmas Day!


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  1. Well, this is my 4th attempt at trying to post to get you over the 2000 mark! Hope this does the trick. Have fun with mom & Paula. And, just for the record, you are AWESOME and I miss you. G