Monday, December 14, 2009

Sucre, Bolivia

Hello all,

So I arrived in Sucre finally. The plane ride was even shorter than I thought.. it literally had to be 25 minutes, so I was pretty glad that I took it rather than the ridiculously long bus ride. They still managed to squeeze in a drink and a snack on the flight, which I thought was pretty generous.

Unfortunately I am a little sick again, which sort of started on the plane. I never got in touch with my host family yesterday, but I was actually a little bit glad because all i wanted to do was stay in bed, which I did after ¨splurging" on a private hotel room for myself, the the cost of about 13 american dollars. Feeling a little better, but still a little sick today, and I dug out my antibiotics from the travel clinic at home for the first time.

Sucre is really beautiful- very colonial and all whitewashed. Still haven´t seen a super large amount of it, because I pretty much just went to class today, met my family, had lunch with them, and slept a little more since I am still feeling crappy. However, walking though the center of it near the school- it is jsut beautiful, and actually looks more like Spain than my usual idea of South America. Very different looking from Santa Cruz.

The host family seems great. There are three daughters, all pretty young, and a woman who I understand to be the live in help, and her daughter, and a mother and a father. And a dog. The father wasn´t there for lunch, so it was just a whole bunch of girls, which was kind of nice. I alternate between being impressed with my level of spanish for how long I have studied it, and thinking that I literally can´t communicate anything I want to.

The house is pretty far from the school it seems, though they say that it is only about a 15 minute walk. It seemed like a 15 mintue taxi to me though-- and I took a taxi back into town. I think the driver thought it was weird that I took one, but I didn´t know my way, and at about 60 cents, I couldn´t complain.

The class I was placed in is reviewing basics again, but I am not really upset about it, because though I know it, I don´t always know it super fast, so I guess it is good that that is what I am doing. Also, it seems that there are other people travelling alone, so maybe I will be able to find someone to go to the salt flats with, which would be good.

Anyways, I want to take another look around before it gets too dark.
Miss you all!

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