Sunday, December 13, 2009

One Night in Santa Cruz

So here I am back at the airport for my flight to Sucre. I am here really early because for some reason the man who sold me my ticket wrote 12:00 in big numbers at the top of my ticket, even though apparently it leaves at 1:45.... not really helpful of him actually.

The night here was fine, though I slept through a lot of the afternoon. I checked into the hostel that was recommended my Lonely Planet, and it was really nice actually. It was about 6 dollars, inlcuding breakfast, and had this beautiful plant filled courtyard. There were even two tucans living in the courtyard. And yes, I took a picture of them. haha.

Everything is a bargain for me on the US dollar, which is a nice change because the dollar pretty much sucks everywhere else right now. I had a buffet vegetarian lunch yesterday and it cost around $2.50.

Bolivia, like Ghana, is place where I constantly want to take photos, because so much that is see is so entirely different from home. But, it is also the kind of place that not only do I not like to flash around my tourisy and expensive camera, I also feel a sort of shame in taking photos because they seem like such an exploitation here.

I know half the time I look like my eyeballs are going to drop out of my head, and I am trying not to. I am just so fascinated in particular by the many women in traditional dress. They wear pleated skirts of many layers and a sort of oddshaped top hap and usually have a baby tied onto their backs with somecolorful textile. I walked through one of the markets, which was somewhat like some in ghana, although a little more refrigerated ( only slightly though) and more sleepy. Many of the women at their stands were actually asleep. The whole thing had a smell to it that I had sort of forgotten about when it comes to this type of food market, and I passed on the goods there that time around.

Last night there was sort of a chocolate festival ( not to be confused with chocolate, ie cho-co-la-teh, which is apparently slang for marijuana in spain and south america. Or hash maybe... I´m not sure- lost in translation I guess. ) in the downtown square- which had more of a town hall event feel to it even though Santa Cruz is the largest city in Bolivia. There was music blaring out one window and on the other side of the park was a band who was competing for airspace, and the whole thing was pretty festive. I stuck to a non chocolate dessert that I wanted to try called tres leches.

anyways, I need to make a call because I still have not heard from my home stay. Miss you all!

More to come!


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