Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Layover in Lima

So I might have been ready to say Goodbye to Bolvia, but it was not ready to say goodbye to me.

As you all know, I am on the round the world ticket, and I flew into Santa Cruz, which means that I must fly out of santa cruz as well. So, I had decieded that I would pay for a flight from La Paz to Santa Cruz this morning, because otherwise I wouldn´t have been able to see La Paz at all, and Santa Cruz seemed a little boring at Christmas.... blah blah blah. So yeah I fly there at at 11:30 today, leaving for the airport at 10:30, and sit there for a few hours until my 16:30 flight to Lima.

However on the flight to Lima, we start heading towards landing way earlier than I expected.... and the mountains are suspiciously familar, and sure enough the plane makes a stop to pick up people from La Paz, around 5:30 pm.... waiting about 45 painful minutes for people to load.

If only I had known, it might have saved me a full day at the airport!! ahhh!!!

Not that I should be worried about time, since I have a 6 hour layover to kill in the Lima airport. I treated myself to the VIP lounge, and now I am trying to get my money´s worth by hogging the internet and snack cafe.

Its funny, people in South American airports never seem to be in a rush. In London, or any of it´s neighboring airports, people are bolting down the 2 kilometer walk to customs, myself included, like some sort of airport marathon. But here, everyone just moseys along like they have no place to be. And there I am with a six hour layover, and no place to go, huffing and puffing behind them because I can´t stand walking so slow.... what s wrong with me?
Even though I have no possible resaon for needing to walk fast, the moseying family taking up and blocking the full hallway so no one can pass simply infuriates me.And the thing is, it really should´t because I honestly don´t think it crosses their minds that anyone wants to pass. And,when I look back in the window at the reflection of the parade of people that is piling up behind this family, I am the only one who seems to care. I guess I need to chill out.

While I am on the topic of cultural differences, there is also something lost in translation on the ettiquite of waiting in line in South America as far as I can observe. More than once, I have been waiting in line for something, or next for food at a stand or someting, or next in line for my ticket or the bathroom, and someone will walk up right in front of me like they had no idea I was waiting. Or they will push in front of me into the 1 foot space I have courtesously left between me and the guest being served and form their own line. Like..... what? hello?

I thought it was just me that was missing something, but it happened to a german woman ahead of me in the bathroom in Lima today... the woman and I were clearly standing there waiting when a woman walked right into the restroom and started to snag the door swinging open. Of course she seemed all surprised to discover that we were waiting. of those mysteries I might never solve. Perhaps next time I should stand right next to the person in front of me, infringing on their personal space. Or maybe I should just get over it and let someone cut in front of me once and a while. I have no clue.

ok well, I guess I am gonna go for now! enough of that.

Miss you all!


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