Wednesday, December 2, 2009

in between

So.. I always seem to migrate back to the computer before I assume I will, and I am now in the Brisbane airport waiting for a connecting flight to Melbourne. When I get to Melbourne, I will have about 7 hours before my next flight- and I have booked an airport hotel, and then I will be back on a plane to Sydney, then Auckland, and then finally to Santiago-- so needless to say I have a few flights coming my way.

Once again, VirginBlue Airlines did not seem to need any sort of ID from me before boarding, checking in, or even going through security, which sort of blows my mind. And the flight was pretty non- exciting.

I am craving an iced coffee- which apparently the whole world except for america does nto understand as a concept. The UK might offer you an iced latte or two-- and for sure you can find a frappacino.Ghana has no coffee to be found at all.
But here iced coffee always has some sort of sweet thick substance in it, most often coffee icecream. And actually very little coffee I suspect. And no matter how clearly I question or request for plain coffee, milk, and ice- I see to get something exceedingly more fattening, and altogether less satisfying.

I make up for this by eating Tim Tam's- these little australian chocolate cookie things-- by the kilo- not a good habit. Good thing they don't have those at home.

One thing that has lost weight though, despite it all, is my luggage. I shipped home another little box today ( which was actually cheaper than sending something from London- go figure ..... though it will take three months) and my luggage has slimmed down to only my backpack-- though it is pretty heavy. I officially have less than I started with with me. Maybe I am a true backpacker at last? Sadly, I couldn't fit in the knock off african teva sandals that I bought in a desperate foot diseased moment-- a true loss. I left them at the hostel, just in case someone else is desperate enough to need them.

Australia has been great. And the only thing I won't really miss is the sort of strange macho attitude that is subtle, yet present here-- from the store clerks croaking "sweetie", to the flight attending winking, or over and over again being called a girl. Oh well.

Ok my flight is boarding.. so I must go!


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