Saturday, December 26, 2009

Taking off!

About to take off for 4 flights and about 24 hours almost of travel fun, jut to get to Costa Rica.
Went to the bank this morning to get another cash advance off my credit card (which always seems to be a nightmare) , since I am still sin bankcard, and I had a ferw more Bailey´s at the hostel bar than anticipated, and then I went to a salteña stand and had two last salteñas. I guess I may not have mentioned these before, but they are like mini empanadas and they are meant to be served as a snack between breakfast and lunch,so you cant really find them easily after 12 or 1 o clock. Infact, there are whole restaurants that only serve salteñas and they are only open for like 3 hours in the morning. Anyways they are delicous and sort of soupy and have chicken, or beef inside, or both, and always an egg piece, and sometimes olives or raisins. Really good. And then also a lot of people will eat them right next to the stand and help themselves to the 10 buckets of different salsas, putting a little on for each bite. So yeah, I ate two, just as a little goodbye to Bolivia.

Anyways, I guess that is all for now. A food entry.

Talk to you from Costa Rica!


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