Thursday, December 10, 2009

Isla Pascua

Hi all,

Just fiddled with this computer for an hour trying upload pictures, and then at the last minute again it didn´t work. At least I was able to change the title picture on the blog. Those are only a few of the massive moai that are here on easter island. They are pretty cool and impressive.

I am sort of in a hurry again, since I have spent so long online already. However easter island has been great. I met up with two other travelers here and we rented a car to see the island the other day, and we have done a good job meeting local people and having great chat and adventure. Everyone has been really generous, taking us out to beer after beet, buying us my first round of ceviche ( raw tuna in lime juice), and my first pisco sours. One of the people we met here is sort of the town artist, and he even dropped by the other day and left us gifts- a copy of a comic book of the history of Easter Island that he had drawn and a poster. Pretty cool.

The only uncool part was that perhaps we let the ceviche sit a little too long before we ate our second helpings, because the next day when the three travellers rented a car, we all were sort of taking turns to the bathroom-- we all were a little sick. haha eww. However, it was nothing serious and passed soon enough, and in all it was still worth the experience of tasting the local food. And it was nice to share my misery with company.

The statues here, for those who don´t know, are so large that no one really know how they were moved, and there are only theories as to why they stopped making them, why really they were made, and why there are many half made statues still waiting in the quarry. There are hundreds of them in the quarry, and others all over the island. Pretty awesome.
My personal favorite is the alien theory--- however I think I am alone in that.

Anyways, I have lots more to say, but I am going to go. I leave tomorrow! Then a sort of day in travel hell, before I arrive in Bolivia, which should be great!

Ok miss you all!

more soon!


  1. hey its chelsea, you met me in cape trib!
    youre adventure sounds AMAZING!
    easter island, ahh so jealous. i wanna go so bad!

    have fun!
    maybe one day I can come out NYC and we can meet up.

  2. rebecca i miss you and your world travelin' self.
    i can't wait to see you!!!!!