Thursday, September 24, 2009

todays adventure-

Went to stonehenge today- and bath- most of the pics of that are on a disposable though- because my real camera is in the shop, and I bought another 70 dollar digital at the end of the day because it was killing me to use a disposable ( my camera is going to be in the shop for a week)

Have a few pics below of the end of the day.

Stonehenge was pretty cool and weird. It is so iconic that it is pretty much what you expect it to be, which makes you forget for a minute how amazing it is- but eventually it sinks in.

Went to Bath today too- also totally amazing roman structures- I'll have to figure out a way to put pics up from the disposable later.

i have little time now, but will write more later.

I have to go to munich tomorrow at 5:45 in the morning!

there was a giant map of the world in bath- which I thought was appropriate. That is my foot. You know the one.

me on top of the world haha

singing out

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