Sunday, September 6, 2009


Hey all-
so today, like Meryl, I am "out of africa" and have arrived in London. Afriqiyah airlines was marginally better this time as I have my luggage in hand, however we left Accra 4 hours late with no announcement or attempt at explanation, the layover in tripoli was a disaster of lines, and I finally got to London five hours later than I was supposed to.
It was all worth it when I saw my friend Kyle- who met me at the train station in London. There are a bunch of people here from school actually and it was great to have a taste of normal life again- albeit in the UK.
Small things were pretty exciting getting on arrival- first thing I did at the airport was buy a coffee- as I found a coffee only one time in Ghana ( though it was advertised on many store fronts----- it took me a while to realize that the food advertised on the storefront of a restaurant in Ghana had very little to do with the one dish that they were actually serving that day)- and though it cost me over two pounds it was definitely worth it. Later in the bathroom of the airport the automatic sink had hot water in it- a feeling that I had almost forgotten about haha.
Unfortunately I am feeling a little sick again- which is keeping me from being a very exciting guest. I pretty much ate and went to bed and took an extra dose of malaria medicine (the ghanaian solution to various ailments). Still feeling a little crappy- but better and ready to start exploring London. I am pretty excited to try to go see Stonehenge this week- as well as try to catch the new musicals of "Sister Act" and "Pricilla, Queen of the Desert" on the west end.

There are lots of loose ends I want to tie up in writing about Africa, but I think I will do it as soon as I am able to load pictures on- something I couldn't figure out how to do with this camera last night.

ok - there is more to come, and now my time is less harried since Kyle has a computer in his room.
Miss you all !

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