Sunday, September 13, 2009

the land of scot

Hello all!
So I am now in Scotland which is quite lovely. I arrived in Glasgow and my dear friend Gilly met me at the train station and we scuttled over to the space where her show/ evening of events was taking place. Her show was great- and it was in this outdoor space that was a sort of overgrown back patio. There was a barbeque beforehand, a band after, and lots of beer and good chat which made for a great night. The only thing that was at all amiss is that Scotland is WAY colder than I ever imagined it would be this early in the fall- and I was freezing my butt off. Thank god for the stack of blankets that Gilly put out, or else my newly african blood would have frozen.

Today one of Gilly's friends (and my new friend) Emma was nice enough to invite me along on her excursion to Larg- which is a beachtown- while Gilly striked the set of her show.
It was great- Scotland is so beautiful. We got "scampi ans chips" and then got apparently world famous icecream down the street ( it's at least the most famous place in scotland). yum.

Oh yes, I saw the smallest car in the world as well on the street today (above)!

This is just a photo from the car
A view of the sand near the water- I thought the ripples were pretty beautiful.
Here is me- bundled but thrilled to be out on the beach. Sadly I wasn't able to put my feet in because of my damn foot, but the walk was still lovely enough. Oh yeah- and other big news is that I got my haircut in London the other day- I don't know if you can tell.
A sample of the gorgeousness of Scotland. I recommend clicking on this one to see it closer-- it was stunning. I can't wait to see more of the countryside.

Tomorrow I have some chores to do- including visitng the Glasgow hospital to get the old foot looked at-- so much fun. I think I might rename my blog "Rebecca's Hospital Tour of the UK". Gilly recommended that I write reviews of the hospitals and compare them to my hospitals at home as a sort of personal editorial on the state of international health care. Not a bad thought...... :)

Anyways, I think it is well past time for bed, so I am going to sign off. More adventures to come.


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