Monday, September 28, 2009

Dont worry- I am seeing munich too! ( the third entry of the night)

So.... we also decieded to see some other thigns in Munich, which was good... so we took a free bike tour, which was great. Highlights were all in their "English Park", much like the central park... BUT with a (ready for this) NUDIST meadow and a biergarten in the middle. So basically it wins over Central Park.

Also, as seen below, there is a little riverlet that runs through the entire park, but right at one of the entrances, the riverlet is actually kind of an intense bit of waves, and people have starting surfing there.... SO COOL! People all line up and surf through the park..

And, though I dont know German, I get the sense that this isnt actualy encouraged by the government here, however unlike in the US theey avoid lawsuits with something called "common sense laws"-- hmmm intriguing...

Also, we learned that the biergarten in the park was the best7 cheapest place to get a bierstein, so we all bought some, though ofcourse we didn´t have anything to hold them with, so we were forced to sling them onto our handle bars and finish the tour that way. haha. oh oktoberfest And today, after sam and cynth left (yesterday....boooo) I went to see me some alps. I went on a tour to Neuschwanstein castle, which is only about 124 years old, but was built by this crazy, lavish and reportedly gay king who put the country into loads of debt building his castles, and later died mysteriously. Apparently this castle is the inspiration for the Diseny castle. Which would also explain why Michael Jackson reportedly tried to buy it back in the day, but it was too expensive. No joke.

It was beautiful both there and on the two hour ride there by train

Below: me and the other castle of his down the road.... and the lake that inspired "Swan Lake"!! ( oh yeah, this king was also obsessed with swans)

The Diseny castle itself

Anyways. enough for now. Tonight is the start of Yom Kippur, and I am at a loss of what to do here in Germany, but I dont really think I will spend any more of it at the "Dubai Internet cafe" (what??????)
It seems that the temples here are on high security, since we are in munich, it is yom kippur, and germany has had terrorist threats this weekend---so I may not make it to temple. However, I am not feeling particuarly observant this year anyway--- which could possibly be terribly wrong here in Germany. However, I guess if there is anywhere to feel entitled to religious choice, it is also here, so being in munich tomorrow could mean many things..

I am definitley going to make it to Dakau in the next day or two as well... which I am already prepping for ( needless to say the other americans on my tour of the castle today who were making holocaust jokes did not impress me at all-- one more strike against americans)


goodnight goodnight!!

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