Monday, September 28, 2009


Hi all!

Oktoberfest is literally one of the craziest things that I have ever been to, and lucky for me, crazy in a good way.
When I showed up on Friday morning, I got to Oktoberfest around 10 or 11 am and met Sam and Cynthia, who had been at the tents since 9:00 am and were already working on their beer steins. Basically what Oktoberfest is is a bunch of "tents" in a park here, each sponsored by a different beer company- however dont be fooled by the word "tent". Yes these structures do come down every year, but no they are not like camping. The tent that I met sam and cynthia in was the largest, and it can hold 10,000 drunk people inside. When I got there, I think it was pretty close to full ( though they were not turning people away yet like they were on saturday) and people were standing on tables and singing beer songs and cheering while music was playing by the German band. CRAZY.

The rest of the day was very similar to this first description. I had a little over one beer stein (each stein is a litre of beer), which may sound like a lot, but believe me, it is not- there were people around us having up to seven of those things. This is always soaked up by eating large amounts of bratwurst and shnitzel, and pretzels, or half chickens, which are either brought to you by the "wenches" or are just past the security guards by the entrance to the tent, all, ofcourse, amazingly overpriced.

We really had a great time, and we went home in the afternoon and napped pretty much the rest of the day. Saturday day was much the same- but equally crazy. We had so much fun.
While Okotberfest is jovial for the most part, amazingly so for the crazy amounts of people who are there (there are many tents like the one I was in). We were totally safe, and except for the occaiasional overly flirtacious man, we had nothing to complain about. There are definitley those who are not so lucky however- you do have to watch yourself- and after hearing stories about how things got wilder and wilder as the afternoon and night went on in the tents ( fights, people wandering off and waking up in fields, airport security and hospitals) I was glad that we went early and left early..

I would definitley reccomend going though if you have some sense and any interest though- it was way fun. I was so glad to see cynthia and sam too.

On saturday night, we also checked out this really cool district of munich that used to be warehouses, but has now been converted into all sorts of clubs. That was pretty great too- I wish I had only had a little more energy.

anyways- below is the inside of one of the tents we went into

Below: Beer songs are being played

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  1. That is the largest glass of bear I have ever seen in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!