Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hi everyone! Still in London.

Here the adventures have been varied- beginning with an impromptu trip to the hospital. I visited the Hospital of Tropical Diseases here, which had a clinic geared for people who had just come back from " the tropics". I went in and described my flu-like symptoms- non of which they were very concerned about, and my malaria test came back negative. But- they were really concerned about how long it was taking my foot to heal- so they gave me two options- to take another round of oral meds and come back later in the week, or to be really proactive and stay overnight in the hospital and get antibiotics by injection ( which is really what the doctor suggested). So... that is what I did. Checked myself ri
ght into the hospital. Walked right over from the Tropical Disease hospital to the main hospital down the street- the whole time with a vascular port sticking out of my hand and checked myself in (I couldn't believe that they let me just walk over there- that would have never happened in the states. ) But it was not so bad, and I was probably the healthiest person ever to be in a hospital bed. actually- the room there was bigger than Kyle's and the view was better- so I thought about staying longer haha.
anyways- so my first time overnight in a hospital is now added to my list of adventures. Foot is looking better :)
I have a few photos haha- just to document the experience,
but I cant get them from my camera to the computer without stopping at a pharmacy and putting them on cd- so I took some blurry pictures of pictures to show you- just so you get the idea.
Me lounging

below is kyle laying exhausted after carrying my things to the hospital like a good friend..... or actually is he in a food coma after all the McDonalds we ate ( you just can't deny my pleas for mcdonalds from a hospital bed).

This is what they tried to serve me for lunch. literally. A lopsided plate of.....what? I know hospital food is bad but this is a whole new level. I was glad that I had eaten 4 days worth of mcdonalds calories the night before.

So yeah-- everyone should definitely put the hospital on their itinerary when they make it to London.

Almost as fun as the hospital, was going to see..... Sister Act the musical!!!! wooooo! So so fun. I really think it will come to Broadway.

Also- yesterday Kyle and I went to an exhibit yesterday at the National Portrait Museum yesterday ( which in itself is a really interesting idea for a museum) and it had an exhibit called "Gay Icons" which was pretty interesting. Basically 6 gay men and women chose their own set of icons ( gay or not) to be displayed at the museum and their was a photo portrait of each icon at the museum. Pretty interesting.

Anyways- tonight I am seeing Pricilla Queen of the Desert the musical- so that should continue with the gay theme.

Ok that is enough for now! More coming soon.

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