Monday, September 7, 2009

Hi Guys!
Finally I uploaded some pictures onto my blog- but I can only do so many at a time so it has to be on a few posts. You can click on all these photos to make them larger so keep that in mind.

This (above) is a picture of the village of Kopeyia where I stayed- just as it looks off the road. This village is pretty unique because it revolves around the drum center and pretty much everyone who lives there has something to do with the center. Therefore there is a fine line between Kopeyia the village and the Dagbe center and they are separated by a 300 foot path. I spent many nights with a Guiness or coke under this hut.

This is inside of the center and under this structure we took all of our dance and drum class- 4 hours a day come rain or shine, hot
Another view of the village
more village
The three hundred foot path to the back of the center from the village

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