Sunday, January 10, 2010

So- I said I would have one last adventure, and I did. Got off my flight in Miami- everything is a mess- as it usually seems to be there, and after waiti le) that my flight to NYC was canceled. Not only this- but I had a train to Boston booked at 3:00 am- which was clear that I was going to miss (why didn't I just fly to boston you might ask? Well that's a whole other story to do with my round the world ticket and the fact that Logan closes at night). Sureenough- I could not get a flight out until 8:00 am this morning, and I checked into the airport hotel they provided for the night. Thanks to my forcefulness this morning, I got to the airport early this morning and was able to board on standby an earlier flight to laguardia at 6:30 am. However here I arr
ive at laguardia , and I have no way booked of grttig to Boston. That was fun too- between my credit card being declined a few times, and then a wild goong and waiting for my luggage and stressing about missing my next flight, I see a very official looking announcement ( a hand scrawled note taped to a pose chase around laguardia which included three terminal bus rides----but!!!! Finally I am checked in to a flight to boston, and waiting to board, 200 dollars plus an unexpected 35 dolllar checked bag fee later. Fun.
The whole thing was pretty stressful, however I think that I was most stressed on my first flight, since I have wanted to go home so badly all week, and I felt like I was just waiting for some disaster to hit. However, once it did, I was sort of better able to accept it and I was much less stressed about the whole thing.
Anyways. I was floored how cold Miami was.

----cut off---

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