Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sitting by the pool at the hotel that I stayed my last night in in San Jose. Splurged a bit on a nicer place for my last night. I leave for the airport in about an hour and a half , and start the last leg of my journey home! I can't believe it. You know I have sort of been waiting to go home this week, but now that it is so close it feels a little weird- and I am a little nervous! Not sure for what exactly.
Sort of been thinking over my trip this morning- which has also been weird.
A few people have asked me this week how I have changed since I started- and it's a hard question to completly answer before I get home- maybe that is what makes me nervous.
Anyways, I'm sure ill blog later today, since I tend to do that while on layovers- so count on there being one or two last adventures to read up on.

Gotta go pack up!


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