Monday, January 4, 2010

Puerto Viejo

So, after my monkey extravaganza, I arrived here at Puerto Viejo.
It is more touristy than my last stop, which was still sort of touristy in a sort of ecotourism way. In Cahuita I pretty much just bummed around on the beach , both black and white sand beaches, and sampled the local flavors.
Here, I took the public bus, which was of course overbooked and I had to stand for the half hour ride in the aisle. Then I heaved my mochila onto my back and headed towards the hostel I had picked from the lonely planet guide- the road was too rocky to use my handy backpack wheels which I usually do.
I checked into 'Rockin' J's' which sort of offers every sort of accomodation, from hammock, to tent, to 'pimp room'. I decieded to let the adventure continue and .... I booked a hammock. Well.... also, they had no room in the dorms left.... but I could have gone elsewhere but I decided that since I had made it through my whole trip thus far without having rented a hammock for a night, it was about time to. So I will slap on some bug spray tonight and hope for the best. I'll let you know how it goes.
And, the hammock is only $5 dollars a night, so... how wrong can you go?? Great for me since I still have no ATM card and a limited amount of cash.

Anyways I am going to go hunt for some dinner since I went sin lunch today and I am starving now. Not literally hunt... just to clarify. My trip has been, and likely will not ever get to that point of rustic-ness.

all the best
think of me rockin in my hammock!



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