Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I have been beached....

Hi All!
Still in Puerto Viejo. Still sleeping on the hammock-- tonight will be night number three-- so I guess it can't be so bad. claro. It actually has been a way more comfortable way of sleeping than I ever anticipated. Maybe I should buy one for home. hah.
Sort of just been taking it easy because I am a little bit lazy. Yesterday I rented one of the crap bikes at the hostel and I biked my butt down the 5 mile or so road to another beautiful beach, and then laid there for a few hours. Then I biked my butt back. A good way to whittle a day away. Had a good chat last night with a couple from London, and then proceeded to bed because I had to catch a 7:30 am bus back to Cahuita for a snorkeling trip that I booked. The tour was good--- I am glad I did it, but visibility was pretty poor today for whatever reason, and we didn't really get a good look at anything much at all. It was worth the money though if only to make me appreciate the Great Barrier reef all over again-- it was smiply nothing like that crystal clear water. The tour guide pointed out an octopus and we all circled and admired it, and then he proceeded to get a stick, capture it, and kill it for his dinner later. Needless to say I was a little bit disillusioned. I guess it is legal to fish on the reef though here, for whatever it is worth. The whole thing was sort of sad though, especially when it squirted black ink all over the place in a last ditch attempt to save itself.

Anyways, he dropped us off on a beach at the far end of the nature reserve here, and we had the option of walking back, which I took. I was glad I did, because I saw a perezoso for the first time ( which means sloth-- and also "lazy" in spanish appropriately. True to it's name - it pretty much didn't move while I watched it, but I was happy to see it. Also a monkey came down from a tree and we saw it about 5 feet away from us here. Pretty cool.

There are tons of americans here, which is new because I haven't meet that many most places on my trip. Mostly this is annoying- because americans on vacation generally ARE annoying, however I felt a little defensive of america today when I overheard this swedish guy going on and on about how stupid americans were and how none of them know any spanish. So, I've guess I still hung onto some american pride, because he really pissed me off with his generalizations. I should have told him I knew how to say "sloth" in spanish. I am sure he would have been very impressed.

Anyways, I am not sure what I am going to do tomorrow, and if I am going to laze around for another day, or try to see one more sight.

I'll let you know. It would be a shame to say goodbye to that hammock.

Miss you all!

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