Friday, August 21, 2009


Hello all!

Finally back at the internet cafe. Therefore I can continue where I left off.

Since I last wrote I actually have attended another funeral- a little smaller- but drastically more successful on my end in terms of the dancing. This funeral was a little sadder in tone it seemed and I could see people who were crying- which was not present last time- but still it was really amazing.

It is really interesting to see ritual in practice here. A girl in the village here named Gifty has become a friend of mine and she took me to church last week. It was there that I really finally realized the obvious- that you just can't understand Ghanaian culture without experiencing dance and song. I have only been to church a few times in the states, but this was definitely different than anything I had experienced before. People were praying and singing literally at the top of their lungs-- everyone- and people were dancing to the drums for about 2 1/2 hours. It was so amazing and totally transformed the space we were in which was a sort of lean-to out in the open air with plastic chairs and lizards running everywhere ( there are more lizards in ghana than I have ever seen in my life). I was so glad I went. The only bad thing about going was the way in embarrassed myself. OK- so a little background info- here in ghana it is considered INCREDIBLY rude to use your left hand. Like to eat, to pass something, to pay for something, to wave. So- keeping this in mind- this church held it's collection in the front of the church- twice. So the first time I happily put in some change with my right hand and all was fine. However-- they collected again---- so I go up with my change and, ofcourse, I use my left hand- ( ofcourse in front of everyone at their sacred meeting place). I sat down and literally felt like I was going to die because everyone in the church noticed- and I think I pissed a few people off. I felt so so bad! However, I think most of the people eventually forgave my western ignorance- and based upon the multiple offersn I got after church from different men to bring me coconuts later in the week ( haha) I think that the mistake was soon forgotten

Speaking of lizards- a note about wildlife. First off, there are millions of lizards- and I have eventually accepted them as guests in my room. On a not so pleasant note- I nearly peed myself when I opened the bathroom door and saw the biggest roach of my life scurry accross the floor. It took me about ten minutes to get up the nerve to brave the bathroom.
Another cool thing though is I have seen multiple preying mantusus (manti?) which I had never seen before.
Also- there are miniature goats running around literally everywhere- about as many as there are squirrels in the states I would say.

Otherwise I have been busy with classes- slowly improving. Also taking some cooking lessons from gifty- which is totally different from home because we cook on a little ground level stove. The first recipe called for stomach and cow hide-which wasn't so appetizing to me- and needless to say I broke out my first luna bar from my stash later that day- but I was still glad of the experience.

Ok-- still more to say but time is running short! Miss you all ans keep those posts coming!


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  1. Your trip sounds so fantastic. It is awesome that you have befriended someone! The funeral and church services sound really amazing. I expect to hear some world class drumming when you return so keeeeeeeeep studying!!!!!!!