Saturday, August 1, 2009

about to go....!

 So today I have tried to start packing (and by that I mean literally putting things into my suitcase/backpack thing because I feel like I have been "packing" all month for this!) and my suitcase is seeming smaller and smaller in light of the five months that I plan on living out of it----- like where do I fit my eyelash curler?:) I  personally think that one should be included on the Swiss army knife that I bought, but no such luck.  I guess that I need  the "high maintenance knife" rather than the one labeled "camper"  that I bought. 
Anyways, I am leaving really soon- Thursday to be exact.  And this time next week I will be looking back at you the opposite way over the Atlantic Ocean from Ghana. 
I made some changes to the itinerary at the bottom of the page, and it is still subject to change thanks to British Airways, but it is pretty much as final as it will ever be. 
The pictures I posted are of the most important thing that I am  packing methinks- thanks to the forethought and generosity of my mother.  It is called a "Freshette" (emphasis on the "ette"). This is a personal device for women to make emergent/public restroom situations ( or lack thereof) easier. I will leave it to you to infer from the photos how to use it, or to google it.  It is up in the air whether or not this is  actually worth packing, though my mother seems convinced that this is  entirely  useful and necessary.  Feel free to post your thoughts :)

 Ok well, the posts will be coming more frequently now, as I am actually now leaving.  I am  getting really excited, but will miss you all, so please please comment on  here or send me an email/post!

more to come....


  1. Re: The "Freshette"
    I just thought you would like to spare the world one more American mooning! All I ask is that you NOT practice at home! ;-) May the force be with you!?!?

  2. That is hysterical, as I just came across a similar product in Maine called, and I kid you not, "The Whizz." Never knew such a product existed and here we are with two separate brands that create such a thing. Here's to hoping you never need it, but hoping you have it with you if you might really want it when you encounter those squat toilets that are sometimes the only option...

  3. oooh.. that is not the kind of travel advice I would have thought of.