Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hi all

This has to vbe quick because I have about seven minutes left of time here.

But just checking in to say that I am alive and well. I was a little sick this week- and after reading the malaria section in my guidebook I determined that it was just a cold and decided just to rest and take the cold medicine that I bought at the market here ( which seemed to have normal ingredients----- plus caffine?) and I am recovered.

Things are going well and I am performing two dances for the village on friday-- haha

Oh yeah-- also I realized that in my posts I have failed to include one crucial fact ( which I realized while chatting on the phone with one of you the other day)-- that I have been the only student here at the center for most of my time here. At first I was really freaked out about this, but pretty soon I realized that it has made for a really cool experience- I have gotten to know the people who actually live here rather than other tourists- and because of that I have learned so much.

Otherwise things here are slow. I leave on satruday for cape coast which is another tro tro ride away ( six hours) . Today it rained so hard that it woke me up and I thought the roof was going to crash in....and... my time is running out.... so Ill talk to you later!!!!


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  1. Sounds great. Don't forget to visit the castle -- I heard it's a moving experience. Hope your dance was spectacular!