Friday, August 7, 2009

I have one question for you.... Where...... Is my luggage?
If you ever plan to take Afriqiyah airlines all I can tell you is plan on spending at least as many hours waiting in line for your flight as you do on your flight and pack necessities in your carry on bag. As they have no self check in service I started the day off with three hours in line- an experience that was duplicated in tripoli on my layover. Tripoli airport is not among my list of favorites not only because they failed to get our luggage on the flight and possibly sent all our luggage to the other end of the continent - but because the bathrooms use spray hoses instead of toilet paper- a new definition of ecofriendly.
Anyways, after waiting in line for another two hours I was told my luggage should arrive on Sunday night.....
However I made it to my hotel, and Pius the program representative is going to take me to a festival tomorrow- so all in all I am still thrilled to he here.
Ok I have been up way too long and this is a really long text message so... Goodnight!!!!


  1. AHHHHHHHH! I love these updates! Sorry about your luggage... LAME! Glad you get to go to a festival tomorrow!

  2. This is my favorite part of the day: hearing how good or bad (which you made good) your day has been.

  3. Yup. I remember those spray hoses from India. It's usually all they had. Are you going there? I don't remember. If you are, consider yourself warned!