Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hi Guys!
So good news is that there is internet access down the road from the center where I am staying so I will hopefully be able to send better posts!
secondly- I just got a phone in ghana- which takes photos- so probably I will be able to send pictures to the blog if I am able to figure it out- which I think will probably make these posts a lot more exciting.
Anyways- there has been less crazyness since I arrived- but still things to tell. All the teachers here are great- really talented and so welcoming. Their families all live nearby and they are all pretty wonderful as well.
There is no running water here- but there are showers from rain water- which is suprisingly totally fine, and there is electricity- which is good. I am glad that I have antibacterial wipes and stuff- thanks mom- just to be completely comfortable but everything here is simple but clean.

I started my drum and dance lessons and am realizing how much there is to learn. I am going to be in great shape by the time I leave. Yesterday they did a ceremony that had to be done before I touched a drum to "the ancestors" which involved some very strong alcohol- which I had heard a lot about and was a little scared of- but turned out to be totally fine too.

More updates to come- my time is running out here but I will talk to you soon!

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