Tuesday, October 6, 2009

some pics from the last week!

Wow! I have not written in a long time! I am now in Granada ( things happened really fast once I got the ok from the doctor--- I still have to check in with him in two weeks though)! I have lots to say about Spain, but for now i just wanted to post some photos from the weekend back though my home away from home ( ie my London base).

Kyle and I went to the museum of Natural History.... and had a little too much fun at the Darwin exhibit.

And before that we spent way too long at Harrod´s trying to be chic.

But when we gave up on being chic, we found solace at the Harrod´s Krispy Krime doughnuts--- bringing chicness to our doughnut experience.

The Krispy Kreme man, who gave us free doughnuts because some rude woman pushed Kyle in her mad rush to the cash register when she was trying to buy her doughnuts. If you can see below, he is standing infront of the Harrod´s Krispy Kreme doughnuts specialty00 which is a doughnut with the name Harrods on it. Very nice.

Dinner with my London family! I crashed the NYU RADA London dinner party to hang with my adler peeps--- plus a few new friends. It was nice to just have a home made meal with a bunch of friends.

Ok! More to come soon!



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