Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Night Flight to Tel Aviv

Hi all.

Just a quick check in. Been moping around in london all week instead of going to Israel as planned because when I got back to London last week the Doc said the foot did not look so good so we took some biospies and he said to lay low. after much frustration, and still no test results, I am getting on the plane tonight to go to Tel Aviv- shortly actually. I still have to fly through London again ( on my route) before I continue on anywhere else- so this does not mean that I will never be visiting this doctor again in London- it just means that I have made the exectutive decision to go to Israel for a week while the doctors get together the test results that I was supposed to get back last Friday.

Despite my (hopefully not too obvious) pissy tone- I am thrilled to be going to Israel tonight. I promise to keep you all better posted- I have just been a little grumpy this week. I have lots of things to write about that never finished from morocco and Spain as well.

More to come! Miss you all!



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