Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hey all,

So I am still plugging along.. learning some spanish etc.
A few things that I forgot to write about last post that were cool:
-This weekend we also tried to go to Gibraltar- which ( for those of you who don´t know) is this tiny bit of territory off the coast of Spain that is owned by Great Britain- so that they have control over the Mediterranean basically. Anyways- it is pretty much a big rock with some monkeys on it, some red telephone booths, English people, the English language, and a few pubs. We joked as we drove there that the rock would be the only place in Southern Spain with a cloud over it ( because it is owned by Great Britain)- and sure enough... it did! which was pretty funny. Anyways- we didn´´t get to go in because one of out group did not have her passport or id- and they are pretty strict, but we did see the big rock from a afar which was cool. And also I think I will pass by it again this weekend ( when I go to Morocco--- which is really happening yay!)

Another cool thing about Granada ( there are so many!) is that is is surrounded my mountains (specifically the Sierra Nevada)-- so you will look down the street, or peek outside the autobus and see a magnificent back drop. It really is pretty amazing- and supposedly all the more beautiful when there is snow on the mountains.

Yesterday I walked around the Albaicin, which is one of two very old neighborhoods in Granada and this one is mostly made up of pedestrian walkways which climb up a hillside. At the top is an iglesia and a little park, where you can look out over all of Granada and, more importantly, look out over Alhambra (on which there is more information to come- but basically it is a spectacular example of Moorish architecture, and apparently considered by many to be a wonder of the world- though it is not officially one). There were a few guys playing guitar and I just sat up there taking in the view, the mountains, and the sunset and listening. It was pretty wonderful. And though there were other tourists up didn´t exactly feel touristy- because it was such a beautiful place that it seems that even the locals hang out there pretty often. Afterwards I went down to a little restaurant on the same hillside to take in the view with sangria in hand- which was even better haha.

The only other major thing I did yesterday was go to a dinner for the students sponsored by the school. It was a pretty fun experience because I met a couple French people- one of which spoke little to no Spanish and no English- so I dusted off my french skills- which were even worse than before ( I was sort of speaking Spench haha) and we all had this conversation in a little bit of English, a little bit of Spanish, and a little bit of French. By the end my mind was a little bit warped, but I had so much fun trying to communicate. The hilarious thing was too that I ended up being the French translator for part of the night ( for those of you who have ever tried to speak french with me- you understand). However, the french people assured me over and over again that I spoke good French- which was generous of them. I felt so cool and international haha!

Today was slow... took a long siesta--- and only because I am supposed to here in Spain ( not at all because of the partying this weekend- haha) and had some cerveza and tapas and (my new love) gazpacho.

Getting geared up for a packed next few days- I am trying to squeeze everything in here and I am taking the trip to Morocco- so I have a lot of cool stuff coming my way.

Oh and I fixed the (crappy) camera so I have some pictures for you!!

more soon!

A view from my room\ the balcony of the apartment that I am in. Beautiful!

My room!-- and I actually have been making my bed ( for once in my life)-- this was just after siesta today haha!

Me and Alhambra

Off the coast of Tarifa
A view from the park that I describe in my post. Alhambra


The church in Sevilla ( the third biggest Cathedral in the World!)
This was so Spanish to me haha. A guy in his horsecart in Sevilla taking a siesta

Near my school in Granada
A Moroccan Tea Room in Granada

Artsy Granada

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